Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Two projects: a house box and a card

Howdy Peeps!!!
There are all sorts of freebies out in cyber space that some very creative people allow us crafty types to use on a whim! Some are such nominal fees that you (er, Me) cannot NOT download!!!
Here are a two projects I've recently that make me smile:
Project #1 - Haunted House by Paper Trey Ink's Home Made Timeless Template... (PTI) For such a small $5 you can make this very easy House Template. Last Christmas I made several houses that were all decked for the Christmas season!!! Now I have this great girlfriend of mine who {{{loves}}} Halloween. Hence, the haunted house of sorts....
So using my stash of items on-hand, I printed this template out, using about 5 or 6 sheets of cardstock from various sources. Of couse, the windows, doors and chimney stamping set came from the PTI's Home Made set that was $24, but I couldn't resist! The roofing is a printed sheet of cardstock that comes with the template...gotta love those .pdf files! Besides, this downloadable project comes with a great set of directions [one of the many reasons I love Paper Trey Ink]! Oh, and my girlfriend's house has white siding, so I ran white cardstock sized to the wall sizes on the outside of the house with my paper crimper! Wha-la, white siding!!! ;) Then for the Autumn and Fall feeling and colors, Flower-Soft has a wonderful jar of Autumn of that most cool "fluff" they are famous for - who knew those were not fall leaves under the windows and on the roof dormers!?!!
Some of my items I used were pillow stuffing or batting for the cobwebs glued down with a good white glue. Miscellaneous Halloween ribbon I've had forever! Stamps, oh, the stamps were from a few sources...The Angel Company's Happy Haunting set, Amuse Art Stamps, Eat Cake Graphics and Rubber Soul. These are stamped, cut out and placed where I thought the ghosts could be floating up from the rafters of the house! All coloring was done with Copic Markers - my fav! Check out the close-up shots for more detail!
I will fill the box with something...the pictures don't show this, but the roof comes off at the black ribbon, and filled with cute little treats!
Project #2 - Ladies on Beach Must Wear Bloomers card!!!!
This is the card for the same girlfriend who will be getting the Halloween House...this card is so perfect for her...either way, this graphic was totally FREE (except the cost of paper and ink and embellishments...of course all things I had on-hand). So many thanks to such creative, and sharing, people who make digi-stamps and/0r pictures available for download! So, check out this Just Something I Made where I downloaded this great graphic!!! I used my paper crimper again, wanting to achieve a "sign" feeling as well as small grey eyelets (source unknown). Some of the smudges were done with snow white and charcoal Palette Hybrid Ink over the raised paper edges. This gives it a worn look...I like it anyway. For the last little pop, I printed two images. Then used raised foam squares under one image and taped to the other image when I cut out the image, I left a small white area around the image while I cut it out...I really like the way it gives it a bit of a frame and love the shadow it leaves.
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