Monday, July 9, 2007

Newly Created!

Hi to all that share my same love of paper crafting! Whether you were at Seminar 2007 or not, you can still preview and purchase my Screen Door Template. I promise you will never look at rubber stamps in the same way again!
I created my screen door card by accident really! I was doodling and created a door, found some old screen pieces that Vince had laying around to fix a window. Hence, my screen door card was born! That was about 3 years ago. Unsure on how to share this creative card, I kept it to myself. I felt so selfish and stingy. I decided to share my creativity with others who can actually use the idea for themselves. I believe that once you are blessed with a gift, you MUST share it! (Wisely, of course)
So, around January 2007, I entered my card into a TAC contest. I did not win, BUT, I did get published!!! WOW!!! My dear Sister-in-law and fellow Angel Danine, called me and told me to check out the website. Under Terrific Touches, there was my card. I was excited and humbled all at the same! Check out this web link to see it too. Thanks for looking!!!
I was so lovingly blessed with such wonderful blessings when I shared my card in a trading card size version that allowed me to share with other Angels who were at Seminar 2007! BTW, Happy 10th Bday TAC!!! So excited about the response, I created this Blog and gave way to AD/COMM on webeAngels yahoo group.
SO, here it is, email me
A2 Size Template:
Card Kit: you will receive a template, card opening template, cardstock, pre-cut screen, instructions and a printed example.
Scroll down farther in this screen and check out one of my examples
Thanks, and bye for now!