Friday, July 17, 2009

Blessings by email!

This is why I make cards - if I can bless just one person, I've done my job! Thanks Janet!!!

Hi Michelle!

I saw your screen door cards in my recent
Country Woman magazine and loved it!!! In the magazine was a template I coulduse to make my own cards. Hope that isok to do. I don't mass produce, but make them for my friends to enlighten their day. It's is so funny that your cards showed up when they did as my husband had an old piece of screen and was throwing it out. I said I can use that some how, I'm sure. Then your cards appeared!!! I showed him and we both laughed! God has a way of making most things useful again.

I love your scripture reference of Phil 4:4-10. That is a great verse. I am blessed by your creations! You are very talented cardmaker!! God's blessings and favor on your talents.

Have a blessed day my friend,
Janet S.