Saturday, October 17, 2009

Have you ever just let yourself color?

I mean color like you were in kindergarten with a big box of crayons, er, Copics? :) I am totally O.K. with this card looking like a child colored it - of course I'm talking about my inner child, duh! This card was inspired by my hubby's cousin Carm asking me for a card for a 13 year old boy! What a fun way to be inspired! I thought of my son Dominick who is 12 and thought what would he think is a fun card, hmmm?

I looked at my stamps in a totally different way! Those great Elzybell's stamps took me into a different realm of creativity! I saw a setting sun in the sweetest sunflower {and using a second stamped image and pop dotted and placed offset on top of the other "sun" actually made me smile!} Then, I saw in my mind's eye in those surf boards sticking out of the sand when sitting on the beach and memories of my son running past me with his surf and boogie boards just waiting to be used! This is what art does for me - a fun way to escape reality for a while and allowed myself to have fun!!!

I had to tell myself what kid wouldn't think this card ROCKS! Well, let's hope he thought that, and Carm, you'll have to tell me what his reaction really was!!!
Did he notice a sunflower for the sun? Let's hope not!

One quick tip:
I've been using my pop dots in an unusual way these days - I'm only using them here under the boys' head and not under his feet! Gives more of a 3D look for a closer face, not the whole boy!!!

Try it next time for yourself!

Thanks for stopping by and taking a peek at my kindergarten coloring experience!

Stamps: Elzybells Sunflower & Surfer Boy
Cardstock: Gerogia Pacific White
Markers: Copic & Spica
Pop Dots

"Children are the sum of what mothers contribute to their lives." -- Unknown